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Read on and discover some New Year's resolutions to get started in Harrisburg, PA! I bet if you've lived here all your life or just moved to Harrisberg, there's a good chance you'll see the difference between the state's food scene and the rest of the culinary scene. Check out this list of restaurants in Harrisburg PA and see how many there are, and hopefully bookmark at least a few places you may never have heard of before.

Camp Hill is located directly across from Harrisburg and is easy enough to include in this list as it also has many fun and exciting restaurants to try. Be sure to add the Hershey / Harrisberg area to your list of places to visit in the coming weeks to enjoy some great restaurants and entertainment.

Completed in 1918, Tudor Revival Manor Tracy Manor is one of the oldest buildings in Harrisburg with over 100 years of history. It is known for its fine dining restaurants with the added appeal of being the only restaurant in Harrisburg with a direct view of the Susquehanna River. Its longevity and authentic Indian cuisine, including a popular lunch buffet, make it a popular restaurant.

This is a large market that houses several Amish food stalls and you can find healthy food at bargain prices. There's no better place than JoJo's Pizza and Pasta to find the best pizza in Harrisburg and one of the most popular pizza delivery companies in town. If you love the scent of fresh pastries, fresh bread and pastries, don't miss out on a treat at Alvaro's Bread & Pastry Shoppe.

Those looking for the best barbecue in Harrisburg need not worry about leaving the Greystone Public House dissatisfied. Whether it's braised beef short ribs or fried Atlantic salmon, these options are some of the good ones the city has to offer. If you're looking for a good barbecue with a bit of swing, look no further than Blue Hill Barbecue in the South End.

Dinners can be on the small side and leave something to be desired if you are hungry, but the food makes it worth making the trip earlier in the day, even if you can't stop for breakfast, lunch or even dinner until 5 in the morning. They like to brew here and they are open all the time, close at 3 p.m. every day and open an hour later on Sundays. They are also open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., which means they are ready to serve no matter how early you need to have breakfast or how late you crave delicious food. Breakfast is served until 6 am, dinner until 8 pm and dinner until 9 pm.

There is a reason why the Colonial Diner is one of the best restaurants in Colonial Park, and if you live in the Harrisburg area, you have to go. I was always impressed by the cola - glazed short ribs, blackened chicken cheesesteaks and the chicken wings. If you are a fan of the crispy pizza served at the Subway Cafe, there are certain restaurants and dishes you can try.

It is a restaurant that cares about its place in the community and the culinary satisfaction of its customers and it is one of the best restaurants in the Colonial Park.

The American Bistro's menu features popular dinner plates, including the deliciously tongue-shaped Airline Chicken Buddah Bowl and Rainbow Bowl. The menu is inspired by Europe and serves fine cuisine with an emphasis on fresh ingredients, fresh herbs and spices, as well as local ingredients. Cocoa - mussels are a popular dish, pan - roasted tender veal (some of us got the sliced steak) and a must - try dried, dried pork belly. Its menu of new American cuisine specializes in award-winning jumbo lumps of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and pork chops.

The Jackson's burger, which consists of a mixture of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, cheese, onions, cheddar cheese and bacon, is a popular meal. The cake is thin crust and is topped with sweet potato, apple or blueberry cake with cream cheese.

The menu includes almost 30 different pizzas with a variety of ingredients such as grilled vegetables, meats, cheeses, cheeses and sauces. Customers can order a personalized thin crusted pizza made of cheese, tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, garlic, oregano and basil. They have teamed up with Knead Bar & Pies to serve their food directly in the bar, as well as their gluten-free cakes. The food is not served at the bar, but at the tap and on the website.

They specialise in authentic North Indian cuisine, speak food and also have non-vegetarian options that are halal certified. They have a crossing from India and are here to be found, but they also had a crossing to India in the form of a food truck at Harrisburg International Airport.

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